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Arabian Nights (1974) - Pier Paolo Pasolini  DVD

Arabian Nights (1974) - Pier Paolo Pasolini DVD


Arabian Nights (1974) 

In this film inspired by the ancient erotic and mysterious tales of Mid-West Asia, the main story concerns an innocent young man who comes to fall in love with a slave who selected him as her master. After his foolish error causes their separation, he travels in search of her. Various other travelers who recount their own tragic and romantic experiences include stories of a young man who becomes enraptured by a mysterious woman on his wedding day, and a man who is determined to free a woman from a demon. 

Starring :

Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti, Franco Merli

Director :

Pier Paolo Pasolini


Running time : 131 Minutes

Language : Italian

Subtitles : English

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