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Assignment Outer Space (1960)  DVD

Assignment Outer Space (1960) DVD

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Assignment Outer Space (1960) 

Astronauts on a secret mission to Mars discover that an unstoppable renegade space station is speeding toward a defenseless Earth on a deadly collision course. The scientists are faced with a horrific choice-watch helplessly as their planet is destroyed or risk their lives on a million-to-one chance to stop the impact. When every option seems exhausted, a heroic reporter makes a final attempt to save the Earth. Filmed in 1961, Assignment: Outer Space is a showcase for the ground-breaking special effects work of Caesar Peace and is one in a series of colorful space-adventure films directed by Antonio Magheriti.

Starring :

Alain Dijon, Archie Savage

Director :

Antonio Margheriti


Running time ; 79 Minutes

Language : English


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