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Beast With A Gun (1977)  UNCUT  DVD

Beast With A Gun (1977) UNCUT DVD


Beast With A Gun (1977)

Sadistic no-count killer Nanni Vitali and three other equally brutish hoodlums escape from prison. The foul foursome embark on a savage rape, murder, and robbery spree. Vitali even abducts and defiles frightened hapless lass Giuliana Caroli. Meanwhile, rugged police inspector Giulio Santini is determined to bag the despicable Vitali.

Starring :

Helmut Berger, Marisa Mell, Richard Harrison, Marina Giordana, Luigi Bonos, Vittorio Duse, Ezio Marano, Claudio Gora, Alberto Squillante, Maria Pascucci, Nello Pazzafini, Antonio Basile, Sergio Smacchi 

Director :

Sergio Grieco 


Running time : 91 minutes

Language : English, German

Widescreen 2.35:1

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