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Beau Ideal (1931) - Frank McCormick  DVD

Beau Ideal (1931) - Frank McCormick DVD


Beau Ideal (1931)

In England, Otis Madison learns from the girl that he loves, Isobel Brandon, that the man she loves is his best friend, John Geste, and so there is nothing that Otis can do but stiffen his upper lip and set sail for Morocco and tell John that he is the man that Isobel loves. This is not easy to do as John is confined to a prison for disgraced Legionaires and the people who put him there aren't overly concerned about who Isobel loves. But the resourceful John promises his love to an Arabian beauty, Zuleika, the 'Angel of Death', which gets him out of prison, and then he has to go after the evil Emir who caused him to fall into disgrace. Isobel waits patiently in England. 

Starring :

Frank McCormick, Ralph Forbes, Loretta Young

Director :

Herbert Brenon


Running time : 79 Minutes

Language : English

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