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Black Eagle (1948) - William Bishop  DVD

Black Eagle (1948) - William Bishop DVD


Black Eagle (1948) 

Jason Bond hops a ride on a freight-train car, containing a saddled horse, Black Eagle, and some rifles. When the boxcar is placed on a railway siding in a Texas town, Jason meets Ginny Long, the sister of the horse-owner who is missing and has been murdered. The rifles are for a group of horse-ranchers, led by Bengy Laughton, who are being swindled by Frank Hayden. The latter forces Bond to go to work for him by framing him for the murder. When one of Hayden's men, Si, tries to kill Bond, the horse recognizes him as the real murderer and pushes him off a cliff. 

Starring :

William Bishop, Virginia Patton, Gordon Jones

Director :

Robert Gordon


Running time : 77 Minutes

Language : English

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