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Blade Squad (1998) - Yancey Arias  DVD

Blade Squad (1998) - Yancey Arias DVD


Blade Squad (1998)

The Blade Squad is an experimental police chaser unit that consists of mainly cops who have screwed up and are practically off the force, who patrol the city on roller blades and have jet packs that give them speed. Presently, the department is trying to decide if whether or not they are worth keeping on. They are going after street punk who pulls flawless robberies. And what they don't know is that the man's brother was arrested by them and tried to runaway and was killed in the process, he blames and is planning to go after them.

Starring :

Yancey Arias, Seth Bailey, Kirk Baltz, Joy Bisco, Gary Carlos Cervantes

Director :

Ralph Hemecker


Running time : 85 Minutes

Language : English


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