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Boeing Boeing (1965) - Jerry Lewis  DVD

Boeing Boeing (1965) - Jerry Lewis DVD


Boeing Boeing (1965) 

Fasten your seatbelts! Adapted from the stage to the screen, the film follows the lives of American journalist Bernard Lawrence (Tony Curtis) and his friend and fellow journalist Robert Reed (Jerry Lewis) in Paris. Bernard, the ultimate bachelor, is juggling romances with three different stewardesses who just happen to have three different schedules and nationalities. Robert is scheming to take over for his buddy after Bernard's job relocates him to another country. The three luscious flight attendants are played by French Dany Saval, German Christiane Schmidtmer and British Suzanna Leigh. And "that old Brooklyn buzz saw, Thelma Ritter, steals the picture" (The New York Times) as their wisecracking housekeeper. Directed by television veteran, John Rich (All In The Family).

Starring :

Jerry Lewis, Tony Curtis, Thelma Ritter

Director :

John Rich


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English

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