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Borderline (1980) - Charles Bronson  DVD

Borderline (1980) - Charles Bronson DVD


Borderline (1980) 

Screen favorite Charles Bronson stars as Jeb Maynard, a tough as nails US Border Patrol officer stationed between San Diego and Tijuana. When his best friend and partner (Wilford Brimley) is murdered by a notorious smuggler of illegal immigrants known as "The Marine," Maynard begins a relentless manhunt to bring stability to the border and justice for his fallen comrade.

Co-starring Ed Harris (Pollock) as the brainy, ruthless smuggler who is seemingly always one step ahead of Maynard and Bruno Kirby (City Slickers) as a rookie officer drawn to Maynard's crusade, Borderline is a taut thriller that true Bronson fans will love.

Starring :

Charles Bronson, Ed Harris

Director :

Jerrold Freedman


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English

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