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Charlie Muffin AKA A Deadly Game (1979) - David Hemmings DVD


Charlie Muffin AKA A Deadly Game (1979)

Region code 2 (Europe)

Charlie Muffin, top British Intelligence operative, has just broken up a major Soviet spy network in England. However, a new Director with new ideas takes over and wants Charlie out. But then a high-ranking Soviet spy-master hints that he wants to defect, and both British Intelligence and the C.I.A. want him and will do anything to get him. Charlie may be the only man who can bring the defection off successfully, but is the whole thing an elaborate set-up? And when your so-called allies are stabbing each other and you in the back to get this prize, whom can Charlie trust on either side?

Starring :

David Hemmings, Sam Wanamaker, Pinkas Braun, Jennie Linden, Ian Richardson, Rohan McCullough

Director :

Jack Gold


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English, German


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