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Death Wish 4 : The Crackdown (1987)  DVD

Death Wish 4 : The Crackdown (1987) DVD


Death Wish 4 : The Crackdown (1987)

The streets are filled with death and destruction. Ruthless drug traffickers prey upon the poor, the lonely, the helpless. LA is a city desperate for deliverance... until now! Charles Bronson returns as Paul Kersey, the original urban vigilante and one-man demolition force in this pulse-pounding, take no prisoners thriller!

Two rival drug gangs have a death-grip on LA's battle-torn inner city. But their brutal reign of terror is about to come to a violent end. One man is out to avenge the cocaine-induced death of his girlfriend's teenage daughter. His name is Paul Kersey - and he's armed, dangerous... and mad as hell!

Starring :

Charles Bronson, Kay Lenz

Director :

J. Lee Thompson


Running time : 99 minutes

Language : English



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