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Earth II (1971) - Gary Lockwood  DVD

Earth II (1971) - Gary Lockwood DVD


Earth II (1971) 

In the peaceful space colony called Earth II, even toy guns are banned. But something far more dangerous threatens this ideal world: a Chinese satellite armed with three nuclear warheads. The citizens of Earth II decide to disarm the warheads, despite China's warning that anyone who interferes will instigate a thermonuclear World War III. Outstanding special effects and a name cast (headed by 2001: A Space Odyssey co-star Gary Lockwood) highlight this space-frontier chiller that brings audiences to the terrifying edge of Doomsday. Can men and women of peace triumph over the awesome power of nuclear weapons? Earth II has an answer.

Starring :

Gary Lockwood, Scott Hylands, Hari Rhodes, Anthony Franciosa

Director :

Tom Gries


Running time : 98 Minutes

Language : English

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