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Elephant Walk (1954) - Elizabeth Taylor  DVD

Elephant Walk (1954) - Elizabeth Taylor DVD


Elephant Walk (1954)

Elizabeth TaylorPeter Finch, and Dana Andrews star in this action-packed drama set in Ceylon. Taylor plays a newlywed who accompanies Finch to his sprawling tea plantation called Elephant Walk...and falls for overseer Andrews. But this love triangle is soon dwarfed by other events. A cholera epidemic breaks out, drought blights the land and herds of thirst-maddened elephants devastate the plantation in a thundering stampede.

This famed sequence is a triumph of movie making. The palatial "bungalow" is reduced to rubble as onrushing elephants pound across polished floors, rip walls from their foundations and knock over kerosene drums to ignite a terrifying inferno. You have to see it to believe it!

Starring :

Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, Dana Andrews

Director :

William Dieterle


Running time : 102 Minutes

Language : English

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