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Elvis - Never Ending Love DVD

Elvis - Never Ending Love DVD

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Elvis - Never Ending Love

This DVD features footage from all eras, and does not stop in 1977. It combines unseen footage with the best available audio and features 47 chapters with a running time around 130 minutes. -- - That's Someone You'll Never Forget; A very moving clip, about the loss of Elvis' mother Gladys - Confidence; yes The song from the Clambake movie, only this version will be loved by all fans, it shows Elvis "struggle" to survive the movie years, very funny clip - The Gospel Medley; Blue Suede Shoes; Great pictures, combined with footage from 1969 (audio is 1969 live version) - Sweet Caroline; A newly discovered live performance from 1971, where Elvis wears the "Now suit". - Tiger Man; This is STAR at their best!!, footage from 1968 where Elvis sings the song, combined with the 1974 footage of Elvis practicing karate, only we get the 1975 Jam AUDIO version of the song, think it won't work? Wait till you see this! - America, the Beautiful; Very rare Live version from 1976, you see Elvis sing this song! - I'm Leavin' ; On "Love Love Coming Down" this song also was used, only this time, we actually see Elvis sing this song, combined with footage from his final tour, and funeral this is an even better version. - Don't Cry Daddy; the famous duet with Lisa Marie, this is becomming an all time favorite with the fans, only seen during the 20th Anniversary concert - The 25th Anniversary Segment; Including Movie Medley, Blue Suede Shoes (with Boots Randolph!) and Johnny B Goode. Footage is edited with more Elvis close ups!

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