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Elvis : The Final Curtain - Indianapolis 1977  DVD

Elvis : The Final Curtain - Indianapolis 1977 DVD

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Elvis : The Final Curtain - Indianapolis 1977

ELVIS - THE FINAL CURTAIN - THE "REAL" FINAL PERFORMANCE DVD For years, Elvis fans have wanted a release of Elvis' final performance given in Indianapolis, IN on June 26, 1977. For a while, we have had a dvd called "The Final Performance" which included about 12 minutes of footage from the last show (in terrible quality) and the rest of the footage making up the 60 minute production was taken from Chicago and other various May 77 shows. For the first time ever, We now have the complete final performance edited together from 7 alternate angles from the show (with an exception of It's Now or Never, it wasnt recorded from any angle, so other footage was placed here) and to make things even better, the sound has been perfectly synched to the origianl master audio source recorded in stereo from the audience, making this a fantastic live experience and the perfect time capsule to this wonderful performance. Songs included are: The Twelfth of Never (1994 David Briggs Overdub) This song is set to the footage of Elvis landing in Indianapolis and accepting awards for the Moody Blue album. Elvis also takes time to pose for pictures with an RCA executive, while the Col. and the Memphis Mafia stand by. 2001 theme C.C. rider I got a woman/amen Love me Fairytale You gave me a mountain Jailhouse rock It's now or never (footage from an alternate show, as nothing was recorded for this song) Little sister Teddy bear/don't be cruel Please release me I can't stop loving you Bridge over troubled water Early morning rain What'd i say Johnny b. goode Ronnie Tutt drum solo Jerry Scheff bass solo Sonny Brown piano solo I really don't want to know Robert Ogdin piano solo Joe Guercio intro Jazzing In Vegas Hurt Hound dog Introducing Vernon Elvis thanks all of his crew, bandmates, bodyguards, and the fans. Can't help falling in love (Elvis can be seen shaking hands and hugging all of the singers and bandmates here.) Closing vamp BONUS : Elvis arriving at Indianapolis airport Different never before seen stage entrance footage Pieces Of My Life - A photo documentary of this historic night

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