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Escape To Athena (1979) - Roger Moore  DVD

Escape To Athena (1979) - Roger Moore DVD


Escape To Athena (1979)

Escape To Athena is an action packed WWII film that pits a small band of Greek freedom fighters against a German battalion. It begins in a prison camp where Allied POWs are forced to spend their days unearthing priceless Greek art treasures for the Nazis. Meanwhile, in a nearby brothel, resistance fighters led by Zeno (Telly Savalas) conspire to rid their island of the German occupiers. Zeno and his men stage a daring daylight rescue of prisoners about to be executed in the village square. Then, in a race against the clock, Zeno leads a perilous raid on a German garrison stationed in a remote mountain monastery.

Starring :

Roger Moore, Elliott Gould, Telly Savalas, David Niven, Stefanie Powers

Director :

George P.Cosmatos


Running time : 120 Minutes

Language : English



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