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Eurythmics - Savage Video Album (1988)  DVD

Eurythmics - Savage Video Album (1988) DVD

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Eurythmics - Savage Video Album (1988)  

The decision to create a video album to accompany the record was based upon the fact that the band did not want to embark on another full length tour that year (having completed the worldwide "Revenge Tour" some months earlier). Another factor influencing the project may have been the band Blondie (of whom Lennox was a huge fan), who made a similar video album for their 1979 LP Eat to the Beat, which also featured a combination of straight performance as well as more conceptual clips. Dave Stewart's only prominent appearances on the video album are limited to three tracks (and some archive concert footage in a fourth) though these particular clips do not appear to be directly related to the recurring theme. The running order of the tracks on the video album differ from that of the original album, making for a more cohesive concept piece.

The majority of the video album was directed by Sophie Muller, and the individual video clips largely (but not exclusively) focus upon Annie Lennox interpreting the madonna-whore complex in the form of a neurotic mousey housewife and an extroverted blonde vamp, and are steeped in metaphorical imagery and subtext. The only tracks not directed by Muller were "Shame" which was directed by Steve Graham (with animation directed by artist Eric Scott and animator Emma Calder), and "I've Got a Lover (Back in Japan)" which was directed by Chester Dent and John Stewart. Lennox would go on to make another thematic video album for her 1992 solo album Diva, again directed by Muller.

Running time : 52 Minutes




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