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Everything´s Ducky (1961) - Mickey Rooney  DVD

Everything´s Ducky (1961) - Mickey Rooney DVD


Everything´s Ducky (1961)

Beetle McKay (Mickey Rooney) and Admiral John Paul Jones (Buddy Hackett) are two sailors who make friends with a talking duck, who just happens to possess a secret formula. It seems the Navy satellite program needs the formula and so the chatty mallard is worth quite a bit. But in the meantime, the duck is hooked on booze and can't be easily concealed as he won't swim or quack like a normal duck. So the sailors have their work cut out for them as the deadline for launching the satellite approaches. This wacky comedy also stars Jackie Cooper, Joanie Sommers, and Elizabeth MacRae. Directed by Don Taylor.

Starring :

Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett, Jackie Cooper

Director :

Don Taylor


Running time : 80 Minutes

Language : English


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