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Eyewitness (1970) - Mark Lester  Blu-ray  codefree

Eyewitness (1970) - Mark Lester Blu-ray codefree


Eyewitness (1970) 


Region code A,B,C - codefree

Ziggy (Mark Lester of Oliver) is an 11-year-old boy living on the island of Malta with an overactive imagination and the habit of telling wild lies. But when he sees the brutal assassination of a visiting African president by two rogue policemen, nobody will believe his story. Can Ziggy convince anybody that he is telling the truth before the psychotic cops are able to hunt down and murder the only Eyewitness?

This is no ordinary boy who cried wolf story. Released in America as Sudden Terror, director John Hough (The Watcher in the Woods, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry) packs Eyewitness with plenty of tense style, stunning locations and startling violence. Susan George (Straw Dogs) and Lionel Jeffries (The Quatermass Xperiment) co-star in this shocking suspense thriller that also features music by legendary British art-rock bands Fairfield Parlour and Van Der Graaf Generator.

Starring :

Mark Lester, Peter Bowles, Susan George, Peter Vaughan, Jeremy Kemp

Director :

John Hough


Running time : 91 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital

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