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F/X (1986) - Bryan Brown VHS


F/X (1986)


Dare to be duped! The world of movie make-believe meets the gritty New York crime scene in this "taut and clever suspense movie" (The New York Times). Bryan Brown (Cocktail) and Brian Dennehy (Romeo & Juliet) command the heart-pounding action in "the first-class, crackling excitement of F/X" (Los Angeles Times).

Rollie Tyler (Brown) is the best special effects artist in showbiz. But this time it's not the studios seeking him's the Justice Department. His assignment: to stage the assassination of an important underworld witness. And after he pulls the illusion off - making the informant disappear - Rollie is dumbfounded to learn that he's being pinned for the murder! Double-crossed and now hunted by those who hired him, Rollie quickly learns that he can trust no one...and that the only thing left that can save his life is his unequaled mastery of illusion!

Starring :

Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy

Director :

Robert Mandel


Running time : 109 Minutes

Language: English

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