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Fall Of The Roman Empire (1964) - Stephen Boyd  DVD

Fall Of The Roman Empire (1964) - Stephen Boyd DVD


Fall Of The Roman Empire (1964)

One of the great screen epics, director Anthony Mann's Oscar-nominated The Fall of the Roman Empire comes to DVD for the first time in this digitally remastered deluxe edition. The all-star case includes Academy Award winners Alec Guinness and Sophia Loren with Christopher Plummer, Stephen Boyd, James Mason and Omar Sharif.

Drawn from the same events that later inspired Gladiator, the film charts the power-hungry greed and father-son betrayal that led to Rome's collapse at the bloody hands of the Barbarians. Featuring "great sets, fine acting, and thundering battle scenes" (Videohound's Movie Guide) plus a blistering chariot race rivaling that in Ben-Hur, this is a must-see "epic full of the gore and glories of ancient Rome"

Starring :

Stephen Boyd, Sophia Loren, James Mason, Alec Guinness, Christopher Plummer, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quayle

Director :

Anthony Mann


Running time : 185 Minutes

Language : English

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