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Father Of The Bride (1950) - Spencer Tracy  DVD

Father Of The Bride (1950) - Spencer Tracy DVD


Father Of The Bride (1950)

"I would like to say a few words about weddings," a weary man says from the middle of a muddle of rice and scattered bottles. What follows is a warm, witty look at what it means to be Father Of The Bride.

Spencer Tracy is the father and Elizabeth Taylor is the bride in this lively Vincente Minnelli-directed classic. Taylor is glowingly showcased - and reflected in three mirrors when first seen in a wedding gown. Tracy's performance captures every loving father's exasperations and joys as the day approaches. It also captured the fourth of his nine Best Actor Academy Award® nominations. The film also earned nominations for Best Picture and Screenplay. Here comes the bride, there goes dad's wallet...and everyone's heart. What sparkling fun!

Starring :

Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett

Director :

Vincente Minnelli


Running time : 94 Minutes

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