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Fletch Lives (1989) - Chevy Chase DVD


Fletch Lives (1989) 

Region code 1 (USA)

Chevy Chase returns to the screen as the reckless reporter I.M. Fletcher, investigative reporter in Fletch Lives.

This time, the chameleon-like reporter ventures to Belle Isle, a sprawling 80-acre Louisiana plantation which Fletch inherits from his aunt. Trouble beings when a lovely attorney mysteriously turns up dead, a neighborly lawyer (Hal Holbrook) warns him to leave town and a ravishing real estate agent (Julianne Phillips) comes calling with a persistent offer he may not be able to refuse.

Fletch must unravel the reason for the mad land scramble with his trademark bag of hilarious disguises in this fast-moving comedy.

Starring :

Chevy Chase, Julianne Phillips, Hal Holbrook

Director :

Michael Ritchie


Running time : 95 Minutes

Language : English

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