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Flight To Mars (1951) - Cameron Mitchell  DVD

Flight To Mars (1951) - Cameron Mitchell DVD


Flight To Mars (1951)

Four men and a girl crash land on the red planet after their rocketship suffers severe damage in a meteor storm. Once on Mars they discover an advanced civilization living in vast underground cities. Seemingly benevolent, the Martians welcome the Earthmen with open arms and offer to assist them in repairing their rocket. But all is not as it seems. A sinister plot is uncovered that could mean the annihilation of invading Martians!

This classic 1951 science fiction drama was the first color motion picture about a journey to Mars. Produced by Academy Award winning producer Walter Mirisch in other-worldly hues of two-color Cinecolor, Flight to Mars is fifties nostalgia at its imaginative best and is a must for sci-fi aficionados. As exciting as a Saturday matinee and a warm and wonderful journey into Atomic Age cinema lore.

Starring :

Cameron Mitchell, Arthur Franz

Director :

Lesley Selander


Running time : 71 Minutes

Language : English

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