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Flying Devils (1933) - Bruce Cabot  DVD

Flying Devils (1933) - Bruce Cabot DVD


Flying Devils (1933) 

Anny Hardy is a parachute-stunt diver with a flying-circus group of barnstorming pilots which her husband, "Speed" Hardy heads. She meets and falls in love with Bud Murray, the younger brother of her husbands partner "Ace" Murray, when they are teamed to do a double-parachute jump as a daily stunt. "Speed" learns about the romance, and in his half-crazed condition, from a World War I accident, he devises a scheme to get rid of Bub; he suggest to Bud that they pull a sensational stunt, zooming toward each other in their airplanes and then bailing out just before the two planes crash. But agrees but Bud does not known that "Speed" has cut the lines on his parachute. 

Starring :

Bruce Cabot, Arline Judge, Eric Linden

Director :

Russell Birdwell


Running time : 62 Minutes

Language : English


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