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Flying Tigers (1942) - John Wayne  Colorized Version  DVD

Flying Tigers (1942) - John Wayne Colorized Version DVD


Flying Tigers (1942) 

Colorized Version

Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a small and daring band of American mercenaries soared into battle against Japan in defense of China's freedom. The 'Flying Tigers' were heroic adventurers and America's hottest ace pilots. Possessing unmatched skill and bravery, Capt. Jim Gordon (John Wayne, The Fighting Kentuckian, Wyoming Outlaw), was the Tigers' leader and top gun. Gordon faces a battle on and off the ground when his good friend and ace pilot, Woody Jason (John Carroll, Hit Parade of 1943) is suspected of recklessly and selfishly endangering the lives of his fellow pilots. Gordon's fight to retain his respect for Woody while maintaining the solidarity of his pilots is an explosive battle of courage and heroism that lights up the sky with action. Directed by the great and underrated David Miller (Lonely Are The Brace, Sudden Fear) with a rousing score by Victor Young (My Favorite Spy, The quiet Man). Nominated for three Academy Awards in 1942.

Starring :

John Wayne, John Carroll

Director :

David Miller


Running time : 102 Minutes

Language : English

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