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For The First Time (1959) - Mario Lanza  DVD

For The First Time (1959) - Mario Lanza DVD


For The First Time (1959) 

The brilliance of one of the world's most beloved tenors and the exciting world of opera highlight this delightful romantic adventure set in the most beautiful cities of Europe. Tonio Costa (Mario Lanza), the temperamental darling of the opera world, is forever missing performances because of impromptu street concerts and endless parties. But Tonio's carefree ways change when he falls in love with Christa, a beautiful deaf girl. Christa refuses to marry him until she can hear his sublime voice. So they embark upon a whirlwind concert tour of Europe where Christa consults with specialists while Tonio sings his heart out. Their love grows stronger and they realize that as long as they are together they can face whatever the future holds. Lush, exotic locations, fabulous operatic performances and the magic of Mario Lanza give this sparkling love story the look and sound of enchantment. 

Starring :

Mario Lanza, Johanna von Koczian, Hans Söhnker

Director :

Rudolph Mate


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English


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