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Forbidden Planet (1956) - Leslie Nielsen  DVD

Forbidden Planet (1956) - Leslie Nielsen DVD


Forbidden Planet (1956)

A dutiful robot named Robby speaks 188 languages. An underground lair offers evidence of an advanced civilization. But among Altair-4's many wonders, none is greater or more deadly than the human mind.

Forbidden Planet is the grandaddy of tomorrow, a pioneering work whose ideas and style would be reverse-engineered into many cinematic space voyages to come. Leslie Nielsen plays the commander who brings his spacecruiser crew to the green-skied world that's home to Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), his daughter (Anne Francis)... and to a mysterious terror. Featuring sets of extraordinary scale and the first all-electronic musical soundscape in film history, Forbidden Planet is in a movie orbit all its own.

Starring :

Leslie Nielsen, Jack Kelly, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis

Director :

Fred M. Wilcox


Running time : 98 Minutes

Language : English



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