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Forbidden Sun (1989) - Lauren Hutton VHS


Forbidden Sun (1989) 


What better place to have an advanced gymnastics camp than the famed island of Crete, once home to the best acrobats of the ancient world. Lauren Hutton and Cliff DeYoung portray an American couple who not only teach young women the secrets of advanced gymnastics, but also the secrets and lore of the Minoan culture that once inhabited Crete. Through exploration and classroom lessons, the young gymnasts learn about the Minoan fascination with the bull and the legend of the Minotaur, a mythical half-man half-bull creature said to eat flesh. Events turn dark after one girl is brutallyd and another immerses herself in dangerous Minoan rituals. As the line between reality and legend blurs, find out who will survive the secrets of a Forbidden Sun.

Starring :

Lauren Hutton, Cliff De Young

Director :

Zelda Barron


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English

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