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Frankie And Johnny (1966) - Elvis Presley  DVD

Frankie And Johnny (1966) - Elvis Presley DVD


Frankie And Johnny (1966) 

The Mississippi River's never seen as many wild twists as in this spirited and extravagant riverboat ride which stars the King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley and the lovely Donna Douglas of "The Beverly Hillbillies!" Featuring hilarious support from Harry Morgan ("M.A.S.H.") and eleven original Presley tunes, Frankie and Johnny is a "sure-fire romp - pretty girls, toe-tapping score and Elvis all the way" (Variety)!

Presley is Johnny, a riverboat singer whose life, according to girlfriend and singing partner Frankie (Douglas), has become "one great big roulette wheel." And he's so obsessed with that wheel of misfortune that when a gypsy woman prescribes a redhead to be his good luck charm, Johnny sets out to find one. Trouble is, Frankie is most definitely a blonde... and a jealous blonde at that. When she sees Johnny with curvaceous carrot-top Nellie Bly (Nancy Kovack of The Silencers), Frankie decides that she'll break off her romance with Johnny - and end their big number - with a bang!

Starring :

Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas, Harry Morgan

Director :

Frederick De Cordova


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English

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