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French Sex Murders (1972) UNCUT  DVD

French Sex Murders (1972) UNCUT DVD


French Sex Murders (1972)

In 1972, American producer Dick Randall, never one to let a bandwagon go by without jumping on it, turned his attention to the then extremely popular Italian 'giallo' genre, giving fans of sleazy murder thrillers French Sex Murders, a tawdry tale of sex, violence and bad 70s fashion.

The film, which is directed without panache by Ferdinando Merighi, features a great cast (many of whom will be familiar to fans of cult 'Euro-trash' cinema) who struggle with the so-so plot, which sees a detective (who inexplicably resembles Humphrey Bogart) trying to solve the mystery of who is bumping off the girls at a Parisian brothel.

Starring :

Robert Sacchi, Anita Ekberg, Howard Vernon, Barbara Bouchet, Evelyne Kraft, Rosalba Neri, Eva Astor, Rolf Eden 

Director :

Ferdinando Merighi

Running time : 89 minutes

Languages : German

Widescreen 1.66:1

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