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Fritz The Cat (1972) - Ralph Bakshi  DVD

Fritz The Cat (1972) - Ralph Bakshi DVD


Fritz The Cat (1972) 

Maverick writer/director Ralph Bakshi (Heavy Traffic) made his feature-length film debut with this "startling and audacious" (The Hollywood Reporter) foray into adult content animation, creating the first x-rated cartoon and one of the most successful animated features of its time! Based on a legendary character created by underground comic book artist/writer R. Crumb, Fritz The Cat is a brilliant commentary on 60s life and a "snarling satire that stubbornly refuses to curl up in anyone's lap" (Playboy).

It's the age of awakening and Fritz, one way-cool cat and NYU student, loves to embrace every experimental experience that crosses his path. Embarking on a fantastic journey of self-discovery, he indulges in everything from multiple bedroom follies to a wild joy ride through a dangerous Harlem. But when Fritz joins a group of radically aggressive hippies, he finds himself holding the dynamite that will detonate the ultimate 60s statement... one that could cost him his life!

Director : 

Ralph Bakshi


Running time : 79 Minutes

Language : English

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