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Gamera - Destroy All Planets (1968)  DVD

Gamera - Destroy All Planets (1968) DVD


Destroy All Planets (1968) 

Earth is invaded by evil aliens from another galaxy. Their attack is stopped by the mighty of prehistoric monster Gamera. The aliens scan Gamera's brainwaves to discover and exploit his only weakness. By taking two young boys hostage, they are able to seize control of the monster and use his powers against earth. As Gamera ravages the cities of Japan, the two children struggle to escape, freeing him from the alien's command and provoking a deadly final battle between space monsters and Earth's colossal defender.

Starring :

Kojiro Hongo, Carl Crane

Director :

Kenji Yuasa


Running time : 91 Minutes

Language : English


Also available as a Japanese version with english subtitles

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