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Gamera, The Giant Monster (1965)  DVD

Gamera, The Giant Monster (1965) DVD


Gamera, The Giant Monster (1965)

During the height of the Cold War, East-West tensions lead to a nuclear disaster when a Soviet bomber is shot down over U.S. airspace in the Arctic! Massive radiation from the atomic explosion awakens an ancient, gargantuan creature - a long-forgotten legend of the lost continent of Atlantis - Gamera! Unleashed from its glacial tomb and proving impervious to all man-made weapons, the colossal chelonian smashes a cataclysmic swath across the globe! Can the scientists of the world, led by Dr. Hidaka find a way to stop this invincible supermonster.....or is mankind doomed?

Starring :

Harumi Kiritachi

Director :

Noriaki Yuasa


Running Time : 78 Minutes

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : English

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