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Gentleman Jim (1942) - Errol Flynn  Colorized Version

Gentleman Jim (1942) - Errol Flynn Colorized Version


Gentleman Jim (1942) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

Heavyweight Champion John L. Sullivan boasts he "can lick any man in the world." That was before he fought 21 fateful rounds against challenger James C. Corbett. Errol Flynn portrays dapper Corbett, whose style in and out of the ring helped bring acceptability to what had been an unsanctioned, back-room sport. The role was a Flynn favorite, and he regularly schooled himself in the gliding footwork, deft jabbing, feinting and left-hooking that were Corbett trademarks. Raul Walsh, director of seven Flynn films, balances bravura fisticuffs with family vignettes and flirtatious romance (Alexis Smith is Flynn's co-star). And Ward Bond plays roisterous Sullivan, a legendary king dethroned by one clever but tough gentleman.

Starring :

Errol Flynn, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, Alexis Smith, Ward Bond

Director :

Raoul Walsh


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English

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