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Georgy Girl (1966) - James Mason  DVD

Georgy Girl (1966) - James Mason DVD


Georgy Girl (1966)

An upbeat and offbeat comedy, Georgy Girl is a whimsical look at love, featuring great performances by James Mason, Alan Bates and Lynn Redgrave. Warm, winning and fun-loving Georgy (Redgrave) doesn't like to fit into the swinging London social scene, but yearns for a traditional life and traditional romance. She rooms with the sultry, moody Meredith (Charlotte Rampling), who lives for the moment and the next available man. Currently, that man is Joe (Bates). When Meredith and Joe have a baby, Meredith is indifferent, but Georgy is thrilled and winds up taking care of the baby. Now, radiant with motherly feelings, Georgy suddenly becomes the object of desire of a wealthy widower (Mason) and - Joe! Nominated for four 1966 Academy Awards®, Archer Winston of the New York Post called Georgy Girl "One of the rare great, wild memorable pictures!"

Starring :

James Mason, Alan Bates, Lynn Redgrave

Director :

Silvio Narizzano


Running time : 99 minutes

Language : English



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