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Gilda (1946) - Rita Hayworth  Blu-ray

Gilda (1946) - Rita Hayworth Blu-ray


Gilda (1946) 

Region code A, B, C

"Gilda, are you decent?" Rita Hayworth tosses her hair back and slyly responds, "Me?" in one of the great star entrances in movie history. Gilda, directed by Charles Vidor, features a sultry Hayworth in her most iconic role, as the much-lusted-after wife of a criminal kingpin (George Macready), as well as the former flame of his bitter henchmen (Glenn Ford), and she drives them both mad with desire and jealousy. An ever-shifting battle of the sexes set on a Buenos Aires casino's glittering floor and in its shadowy back rooms, Gilda is among the most sensual of all Hollywood noirs.

Starring :

Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia

Director :

Charles Vidor


Running time : 110 Minutes

Language : English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

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