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Gulliver´s Travels (1939) - Max Fleischer  DVD

Gulliver´s Travels (1939) - Max Fleischer DVD


Gulliver´s Travels (1939) 

Digitally restored and re-mastered using state of the art technology, Max Fleischer's song filled, 1939 masterpiece comes to life like you've never seen it before! Richly drawn from the timeless tale by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels follows the legendary adventures of a shipwrecked sailor among the tiny people of Lilliput. Performing a feat equal to his gigantic proportions, Gulliver prevents a war between two feuding kingdoms and reunites a price with his princess before returning to the sea in one of the most "ha-ha-happy" endings of all time.

Director :

Dave Fleischer


Running time : 67 Minutes

Language : English

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