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Gulliver´s Travels (1996) - Ted Danson  DVD

Gulliver´s Travels (1996) - Ted Danson DVD


Gulliver´s Travels (1996)

Once you've visited Gulliver's worlds, your own will never be the same. With dazzling special effects by Jim Henson Productions, plus a top cast that includes Ted Danson ("Cheers",Three Men and a Baby), Mary Steenburgen (Parenthood, Back to the Future Part III), Peter O'Toole (Lawrence Of Arabia) and James Fox (The Remains of the Day), one of the world's great stories comes to the screen in an acclaimed production that "accomplishes the astonishing feat of modernizing a classic for every audience" (The Philadelphia Inquirer TV Week).

Danson portrays Gulliver, the 18th century physician who takes eight event-packed years to return home. Steenburgen is the devoted wife who stands by Gulliver when everyone says his story is the tale of a madman - and what an unforgettable tale it is! Join Gulliver as he towers over tiny Lilliput and its wishy-washy king (Peter O'Toole), as he becomes a pocket-sized fortune-teller in a land of giants ruled by a wise queen (Alfre Woodard), as he soars on a massive flying island piloted by intellectual airheads. See Gulliver match wits with a sorcerer (Omar Sharif) and watch as he proves his mettle in a realm where horses rule and humans are beasts. For thrilling adventure and spectacle, don't miss this "towering achievement" (Los Angeles Daily News).

Starring :

Ted Danson, Omar Sharif, Mary Steenburgen, Peter O´Toole

Director :

Charles Sturridge


Running time : 187 Minutes

Language : English

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