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Hello Down There (1969) - Tony Randall  DVD

Hello Down There (1969) - Tony Randall DVD


Hello Down There (1969)

When an inventor (Tony Randall) needs human guinea pigs to test his experimental undersea dream home, h e packs up his wife (Janet Leigh), his kids and their rock and roll band (featuring Richard Dreyfuss) and takes the plunge.

While this average-if extended-family adapts to life on the ocean floor, the band must find a way to get its groovy new single into the hands of a top record producer before it's too late. Our aquanauts are in for even more deep trouble when greedy prospectors, hungry sharks, a hurricane and a battle-ready U.S. Navy threaten to turn their happy underwater home into a real bummer!

Starring :

Tony Randall, Janet Leigh, Richard Dreyfuss, Roddy McDowell

Director :

Jack Arnold


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English

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