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High Flyers (1937) - Wheeler & Woolsey  DVD

High Flyers (1937) - Wheeler & Woolsey DVD


High Flyers (1937)

Two men running a carnival airplane ride are hired to fly to retrieve what they think are photos for a reporter. Actually, they are retrieving diamonds stolen from a noted gem dealer. As it turns out, their plane crashes on the very estate of the dealer. Thinking the duo are police officers, the dealer offers his home for their convalescence from the accident. Meanwhile, the diamonds have been snatched by a kleptomaniac dog and buried on the estate. When the smugglers track down the pair, they try to convince the dealer that they are officials from an institution from which the two have escaped. Before long, the carnival fellows, the crooks, the gem dealer and his family, along with a platoon of cops, are tearing up the grounds to find where the dog has buried the diamonds.

Starring :

Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Lupe Velez

Director :

Edward F. Cline


Running time : 70 Minutes

Language : English

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