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Hold That Baby (1949) - Leo Gorcey & The Bowery Boys

Hold That Baby (1949) - Leo Gorcey & The Bowery Boys


Hold That Baby (1949)

The boys are running a laundromat in the back room of Louie's Sweet Shop. A woman, Laura Andrews, comes in and leaves her baby in one of the laundry baskets and the boys find him. The discover that he is the heir to a fortune, and that his mother hid him so that her aunts couldn't steal the inheritance. After discovering the baby is missing, the aunts have Laura committed.

Meanwhile a bunch of gangsters get wind of the situation and make a deal with the aunts to keep the baby away from the reading of the will. Sach and Slip sneak into the mental ward and help Laura escape. They make it to the reading of the will just in time and Laura and her son gain the inheritance and the aunts are arrested, along with the gangsters.

Starring :

Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell

Director :

Reginald Le Borg


Running time : 64 Minutes

Language : English

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