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Honolulu Lu (1941) - Leo Carrillo  DVD

Honolulu Lu (1941) - Leo Carrillo DVD


Honolulu Lu (1941)

Consuelo Cordoba is a headstrong girl trying to reform her con man uncle Don Estaban Cordoba, who is posing as a wealthy tourist in Hawaii. A local woman takes Consuelo under her wing and helps her get a job at the 'Blue Chip Cabaret'. Using the name Lu, she sings, dances and does comedy impressions for the audience of enthusiastic sailors. They enter Lu in the Miss Honolulu contest, but Don Estaban Cordoba has also entered her as his high society niece Consuelo. In the meantime Don Estaban Cordoba is recognized from a previous swindle. He convinces local authorities that Lu is an international spy.

Starring :

Leo Carrillo, Lupe Velez, Forrest Tucker

Director :

Charles Barton


Running time : 68 Minutes

Language : English


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