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In Harm´s Way (1965) - John Wayne  DVD

In Harm´s Way (1965) - John Wayne DVD


In Harm´s Way (1965)

Producer-director Otto Preminger's epic treatment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor details the devastating sneak attack on the Naval base as well as the explosive behind the scenes stories. An awesome cast of stars including John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, Carroll O'Connor, Burgess Meredith, Paula Prentiss and a host of other notables are interwoven into this account of the attack itself, the disobeyed orders, the American counter-offensive, father-son reunions, battles at sea and layers of romantic entanglements. It's a story that's been told and re-told, but perhaps never so completely.

Starring :

John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Burgess Meredith, Paula Prentiss

Director :

Otto Preminger


Running time : 167 Minutes

Language : English



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