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Krakatoa - East Of Java (1968) - Maxilmilian Schell DVD


Krakatoa - East Of Java (1968) 

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Join a motley team of treasure hunters as they brave the waters near a string of volcanos to recover a fortune in pearls!

Captain Chris Hanson has recruited an over-the-hill deep sea diver, a claustrophobic inventor and a troop of Polynesian pearl divers to plunder the sunken wreck of the Arianna. But their mission seems doomed even before they leave the dock!

The local government orders Hanson to transport 30 criminals to a prison on a nearby island. As they sail toward the treasure, they encounter strange lights on the horizon, bizzare sounds from the darkness, intense heat and thousands of dead fish littering the ocean surface. Are they bad omens or merely freaks of nature?

Krakatoa - East Of Java is a grand adventure filled with fun and excitement the whole family can enjoy.

Starring :

Maximilian Schell, Diane Baker, Brian Keith, Sal Mineo

Director :

Bernard L. Kowalski


Running time : 106 Minutes

Language : English

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