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Latitude Zero (1969) - Ishiro Honda  DVD

Latitude Zero (1969) - Ishiro Honda DVD


Latitude Zero (1969)

When a volcano erupts, a deep-sea vessel full of scientists suffers damage and begins to lose control. To their rescue comes Captain MacKenzie (Joseph Cotton, Citizen Kane), commander of Alpha, a high-tech atomic submarine. The captain takes the crew to a secret underwater utopia called "Latitude Zero" that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of mankind. With a completely opposite agenda, the evil Dr. Malic (Cesar Romero, The Joker from TV's Batman) wishes to kidnap and experiment on the scientists in order to add to his roster of super-intelligent freak minions. Now it's up to Captain MacKenzie and his crew to save the day. Another Toho classic from the legendary Ishiro Honda (Godzilla, Matango), Latitude Zero boasts an all-star cast that also includes Richard Jaeckel (Grizzly) and Linda Haynes (Human Experiments), and terrific model and special effects work.

Starring :

Joseph Cotten, Cesar Romero, Linda Haynes

Director :

Ishiro Honda


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English



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