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Macao (1952) - Robert Mitchum  DVD

Macao (1952) - Robert Mitchum DVD


Macao (1952) 

He's broad shoulders, hooded eyes and laconic with: the cool male. She's voluptuous curves, lushly lipsticked mouth and sardonic comebacks: the incendiary female. They're Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell, dead-on talented and drop-dead gorgeous stars who brought out the best in each other in His Kind Of Woman and Macao, the two gutsy film noirs they made together. In Macao, audiences know they're in for a dynamite ride from the moment he saves her from a lecherous goon - and she picks his pocket. The story, set in the exotic East Asian port, involves stolen diamonds, undercover New York cops, mistaken identities, double crosses and murder. The action races, the plot twists and the stars... well, be glad the film stock didn't melt.

Starring :

Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell

Director :

Josef Von Sternberg


Running time : 81 Minutes

Language : English

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