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Madame Bovary (1949) - Van Heflin  Colorized Version  DVD

Madame Bovary (1949) - Van Heflin Colorized Version DVD


Madame Bovary (1949)

Colorized Version

Lovely Emma Bovary longs for romance, glamour, possessions. Wed to a country doctor, she instead gets routine, motherhood and penny-pinching. So when she catches the eye of a handsome aristocrat, Emma risks it all to reach for what she thinks will be happiness.

Jennifer Jones stars in this lush adaptation of the Gustave Flaubert novel that scandalized 19th-century France. The film's capstone is the stunning ballroom scene, contrasting Emma's social success with her husband's failure, culminating in his drunken arrival on the dance floor. In the famed sequence, director Vincente Minnelli skillfully combines, dissolves, cross-cuts, pans, long-takes - a library of techniques - into a seamless triumph of head-spinning gaiety, heart-breaking despair and moviemaking artistry.

Starring :

Van Heflin, Jennifer Jones, Louis Jourdan, James Mason

Director :

Vincente Minnelli


Running time : 114 Minutes

Language : English


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