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Madhouse (1990) - Kirstie Alley VHS


Madhouse (1990)


The appropriately titled Madhouse stars Kirstie Alley (Look Who's Talking) and John Larroquette (Blind Date) as Mark and Jessie Bannister, whose California home is turned upside down when visiting relatives, pesky neighbors and an assortment of unwanted guests take up residence.

How bad could a visit by relatives really be? As it turns out for the Bannisters, pretty bad. Following a spill on the way to the airport, two-month pregnant relative, Bernice (Jessica Lundy, Bright Lights, Big City) is instructed by her doctor not to move until she delivers her baby. With a house eventually overrun by a variety of neighbors, friends and strangers, The Bannisters are pushed to the brink in the laugh-out-loud Madhouse.

Directed and written by Tom Ropelewski (Look Who's Talking Now),Madhouse features hilarious support from Dennis Miller (TV's Saturday Night Live), Alison La Placa (Fletch), Robert Ginty (Bound For Glory) and John Diehl (Jurassic Park III).

Starring :

Kirstie Alley, John Larroquette

Director :

Tom Ropelewski


Running time : 90 Minutes

Language : English

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