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Messenger Of Death (1988) - Charles Bronson  DVD

Messenger Of Death (1988) - Charles Bronson DVD


Messenger Of Death (1988) 

In a Colorado town, a horrific crime has been committed...and only one man can bring the killer to justice! Action hero Charles Bronson stars as a crime reporter on a relentless search for the truth in this "crisply directed" (Los Angeles Times) suspense thriller!

could a simple feud between brothers lead to the brutal massacre of an entire family? Garret Smith (Bronson) travels to a remote Rocky Mountain town to investigate and uncovers far more sinister motives. As he gets closer to the bizarre truth, Smith unravels a plot of greed, revenge and religious zealotry. But can he get to the bottom of the murders before an "avenging angel" visits him with an equally deadly message?

Starring :

Charles Bronson, John Ireland

Director :

J. Lee Thompson


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English

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