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Mighty Joe Young (1949) - John Ford   DVD

Mighty Joe Young (1949) - John Ford DVD


Mighty Joe Young (1949) 

Lightning struck again when the team behind King Kong reunited to create another towering ape: Mr. Joseph Young. This time the simian is shorter and the jokes tongue-in-cheekier, but the Oscar®-winning Best Special Effects are just as Kong-sized.

A slick nightclub owner (King Kong veteran Robert Armstrong) discovers the giant ape frolicking in Africa as the beloved pet of a young girl (Terry Moore). He brings both to Hollywood as a floor-show sensation, until some no-goods ply Joe with booze and the blitzed behemoth goes bonkers. Highlights such as Armstrong's henchmen trying to lasso Joe cowpoke style, Joe playing tug-of-war with musclemen and plenty of Joe-to-the-rescue action make Mighty Joe Young mighty fine entertainment.

Starring :

Robert Armstrong, Terry Moore, Ben Johnson

Director :

Ernest B. Schoedsack


Running time : 94 Minutes

Language : English

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